Warheads Episode 012

Welcome to Episode 12, this one is probably aimed firmly at an Irish audience but if you feel your painting is improved by the silky tones of nerds arguing, you might as well have a listen.


00:00:00- We introduce ourselves and run through the order of business.
00:04:10- The attendees re-cap their first day at Nordicon and make fair and provable accusations against all their opponents.
00:38:50- We take a brief interlude to condemn Northern Ireland's barbaric licensing laws. They also tie up the swings on Sundays, you know.
00:43:05- The second day of the tournament is discussed and handbags are deployed by some of the hosts.
01:03:13- The perils of optional rules are highlighted by our brief look at the Nachjager spoiler.
01:05:05- We receive (fan?)mail and are pleased to dispense our wisdom.

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