Warheads Episode 8

Episode 8 is upon us. We wander all over the hobby discussing our own plans, dreams and hopes and how best to crush the plans, dreams and hopes of others. There was a plan, we did wander on topic at times, great success.


00:00 We inaugurate the "No Brian" intro to much rejoicing.
01:10 In the first section of our AAR, we discuss our Early War games and the hard-won knowledge gained in our first bumbling steps into the era.
10:45 Tying into the previous section, we run through new Early War army plans and argue plastic vs metal.
18:40 A celebration of Hail Caesar rapidly derails into a chat about historical gaming.
21:33 We run through our experiences in the Warheads Summer League, warmly congratulate the winner and discuss some pitfalls we encountered.
41:06 Floody gives a review of the Remagen book that is, in no way, totally biased.
58:03 We remind ourselves of the imminent Nordicon and briefly pine for Tankfest/The Hobby Shack.
59:51 The glorious day arrives, we have a Competition! You, yes, you, can win two boxes of PSC PzIIIs by doing the thing we mention in the podcast!

We'd like to thank Plastic Soldier Company for donating the prizes for the competition and for the ease of our listeners, here's a link to the thread: http://warheads.ie/index.php?topic=633.0

Check out this episode!