Warheads Episode 5

Look, basic sound editing. We're rapidly approaching the most basic level of competence required to create a podcast. The day may come when we can stand proudly in the middle of the pack, slightly towards the back.


00:00 A host recounts the tale of his recent visit to the Saumur Tank Museum (Musée des Blindés) and its extensive collection of armoured fighting vehicles. We froth about tanks and chatter happily about museums for a good while. Some of this might be legally damning.

27:07 The age-old stereotype of the lazy European worker is in no way damaged by a very, very quick discussion of our holidays.

28:10 There was a crazy amount of gaming in the Warhead lairs over the past fortnight. We begin with the Late-War games. The merits of a lend-lease Matilda II horde are expoused and Floody is mocked.

35:34 The long-awaited Japanese force hits the table against a less than ideal opponent. Floody is condemned and mocked as Early-War FoW is considered.

44:41 To finish the game round-up, we switch to the Mid-War games. We discuss Tigers vs T-34s and the least motivated Italians to ever take to the field. Floody is mocked and condemned as unimaginative and a bad egg.

55:56 Following our discussion of World of Tanks as a hobby-killer in the last podcast, we consider other hazards (mainly, sunshine). Baz makes binding promises as he chats about his newly acquired IS-2 list.

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