Warheads Episode 4

Despite my predictions of doom, the other hosts continue to experiment with podcast venues. This one had lovely pints, some background noise at times and the afterglow of international stardom.


00:00 We "mourn" the loss of Floody, who was last seen hitting himself with a shovel and throwing himself into a ditch. Poor guy.

01:40 We chat about the new Flames of War mission, Breakout. World-famous Canadian singer Michael Bublé allegedly guest-stars as we run through the impact of the mission on the tournament scene. He seemed neutral on the topic.

08:10 We have a wide-ranging discussion of Comp, veering from the intentions of the various systems, flaws, game balance, alternate theories and our own experiments. There is a brief NGFS hate rally at one point.

24:14 The data collection possibilities presented by the 540 games of the 2014 ETC are discussed. If you like that sort of thing.

26:50 The local pint is reviewed while we compare American and Irish national holidays.

28:43 We chat about Bolt Action and the recent shifts in the official tournament pack. It proves unpopular with some but does foster a urge to run a tournament.

38:40 As a warning to others, we discuss the perils of nerd-procrastination and move quickly to the ultimate hobby-killer, World of Tanks. Counter-measures are discussed and discarded as unworkable.

51:50 We briefly hit on upcoming hobby plans and Barra reveals his true treacherous nature.

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