ETC 2013: Nerds to Novi Sad

Another year, another Nerd Olympics. We're all off to the European Team Championship this weekend. The Irish 40K and Fantasy teams (best of luck, chaps) are flying out tomorrow for their three day event, we'll be joining them on Friday for the two-day, Flames of War event. I can't guarantee that we'll be able to keep you updated but I'll certainly grab as many pictures as I can of the armies, terrain and venue.

 After last year's "triumph", the Flames of War team will be looking to "refine" our performance. The 40K team had a strong finish last year and will be looking to break into the very top ranks. The Fantasy team are looking to get back to previous form and match their performance in 2011. There's been wild talk of playing sober but I can safely assume that madness will pass once people notice that the venue has three bars. I also thought I'd give a brief overview of the preparation involved in attending the ETC. There's two critical tasks to be completed before I leave. The first is making sure that every piece of the army is packed and every scrap of supporting materiel is accounted for.


The second task is researching the country itself to ensure a degree of cultural sensitivity and, at the very least, pack the right clothes. I found the "Behind Enemy Lines" documentary to be very informative. Based on my research, it seems to be a cold country and a mix of fatigues and tracksuits would be most appropriate. I assume weapons can be sourced at the customs desk.
Some of my less-enlightened teammates persist in claiming that the local temperature is 38 Celsius but they'll be sorry when they're freezing to death while I luxuriate in my fine winter coat.

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