Preening Dandies - April 2013

A New Beginning - the Dawning of Man 

 A new year, a new contributor to the Preening Dandies posts on The War Altar. A big "thank you" to Newbreed for his tireless work over the last 12 months, however like Alex Ferguson, he's decided to call it a day after all his moaning and harassment of everyone for so long.

Imperial Bastion (Warhammer 40,000)

So this month we see something quite unusual from BristolScale7 - a painted piece of terrain, posing on a lawn, during some sunshine! This Imperial Bastion is quite the work of art I'm sure you'll agree - not only has he painted the door with some creosote-looking material, but he's also managed to pick out the little imperial aquila with some whitewash while hanging from the battlements. That's the kind of dedication we like to see here at Preening Dandies.

Grenadier Mortar Platoon (Flames of War)

Next, I (Frogdog) decide to make the most of the sunshine also and submit a German mortar platoon for Flames of War. Probably the quickest platoon I've ever completed, and boy does it show when I nearly cover the box the mortar rounds come in, in grass - attention to detail Froggy!

Space Marine Strike Cruiser (Battlefleet Gothic)

We have our first entry from our Prodigal Son, Void Dragon, who enters his Space Marine Strike Cruiser from Battlefleet Gothic. Note the Dark Angels colour scheme and highlighting, intended to match his Dark Angels models from the Dark Vengeance box set. The level of work and detail gone into this is quite frightening. For more of Void Dragon's work, check out his painting log, here.

Irish Hearthguard (Saga)

A popular game within the Warheads at the moment sees some very well painted miniatures from Quozl for the historical skirmish system, Saga. Again, Quozl amazes us with the speed of his painting projects and his attention to detail and historical accuracy on his models - well done that man!

Devilfish (Warhammer 40,000)

Welshman sends us in a beautifully painted Tau Devilfish for Warhammer 40,000 with striking contrast between red and grey and a great camo-scheme. Will we see this in person on the tabletop soon? This contributor hopes so!

High Executioner Reznik (Warmachine)

Lowry sends us in High Executioner Servath Reznick for Warmachine. As usual, very clean lines, great contrast between the colours and a high standard as always from our ever-present Preening Dandy entrant.

Eldar Allies (Warhammer 40,000)

AlCorps submits quite the amount of work for one month - I count an Eldar Farseer and Warlock, as well as a ton of what I think are Imperial Guardsmen. Kudos for the amount of time and effort put into all of those.

Scout Platoon (Flames of War)

And last, but by no means least, a new contributor to Preening Dandies, herrireland, with his Kubelwagen MG Scout platoon, again for Flames of War. There's great individuality between the bases here, particularly in the basing materials used with sand, gravel, flowers and various types of grass on display. HerrIreland also has his own painting log here.

That's it for another edition of Preening Dandies where we see a total of eight entries from five different game systems, and after last month's entries we see a clear leader emerging to take pole position on the leaderboard. Well done Lowry!
Preening Dandies
Player Score
Lowry 13
Newbreed 12
Nosediver 7
Quozl 7
Craftfeld 6
Frogdog 5
Trget 5
Welshman 5
Sycopat 4
Alcorps 2
Bristolscale7 2
Floody 2
The Big BZ 2
Crazy Aido 1
HerrIreland 1
Jiggy 1
Maynard 1
Void Dragon 1

We'll be doing another roundup in June so get your works into before the end of May. As ever, our local tech adept states that photos above 5MB in size tend to bounce back so keep your entries below that size.

Rules Refresher
1) Each participant may only send in one entry for a given month. You can send in multiple photos of the entry but only one will be used.
2) The entry can be a single model or single unit. The smaller the unit, the more detail in the photo so aim low.
3) The model can be from any game system. If it's particularly esoteric, we'd appreciate a covering note explaining what it is.
4) The entry must have been finished within that given month. You can't submit completed pieces from your back catalogue.
5) If you want us to include a link back to more of your work, we'd be delighted to do that.

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