Blood Bowl Team Showcase: Tarentino's Ogres

During the recent Blood Bowl tournament in Galway, I came across a very striking, heavily converted Ogre team. I was going to roll them into a review of the Chubby Bowl itself but they really deserve their own post. These are the work of Sean Nee, who can be found lurking in Dungeons and Donuts on occasion.

First up are the Reservoir Dogs themed Ogres with their colour-coded bases, Messieurs Blonde, Orange, Blue, Pink, Brown and White.

These little guys are now unrecognisable as Snotlings but you can spot your favourite characters from Pulp Fiction fairly quickly. Vince, Jules and assorted bystanders, gimps and mobsters. There are some doubles in there, too.
And that's the lot. Sean's skills with green stuff will also be seen in the Chubby Bowl review, once I get around to writing it.

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