Very Quick and Easy Flames of War Terrain: Ubiquitous Wheatfields

We're kicking off the Tank Aces campaign tomorrow night and I decided to bolster the shop terrain in the simplest way possible. Impromptu wheat fields. They're a staple of every operational theatre from Western Front to Eastern Front, Italy to North Africa. A quick internet search reveals that coir doormats are the best material, some blogs came with dire warnings as to blisters caused by the cutting/shaving, others mentioned the endless clean up of stray hairs afterwards. It's all lies.

The fields are incredibly easy and incredibly quick, it took less than five minutes to get enough wheat fields to cover a 2.5 x 1.5 foot section of table completely.

The Five Steps

Step 1) Buy a door mat. This one cost just under seven euro and came from Woodies DIY.
Step 2) Find your Stanley knife. I like the newer versions with the snap off blades.
Step 3) Turn mat over, use a steel ruler to line up your cut. You don't need much pressure as you really only have to break through the rubber, keep the blade at a shallow angle.
Step 4) Do that a few times, making different sizes and you're done.
Step 5) There are some stray hairs but as long as you're not cutting the mat directly above the up-turned faces of asthmatic children, it's really a complete non-issue.
If you want to show them some more love, just add a border of flock around the base of the wheat fields to hide any stray rubber. 

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