How Many Points? The New Flames of War Starter Set

The Games Workshop starter sets have always been the bread and butter of their retail stores, self-contained little packages beloved of parents, children and veteran gamers alike. Even after the endless price hikes, they represent the closest thing to value for money in the range. Having experimented with smaller quick start boxes, Battlefront have finally noticed the benefits and released details of their own version.

You could buy two sets for e120 and get two full armies but the prudent move is to adopt the age-old tactic of the GW player. Buy a set, find/make a friend and swop your Germans for their Allies. Aside from the bolstered armies, each player then ends up with a rulebook, tokens, objectives, terrain and dice.

Points-wise, what do you actually get in the box?

Ze Germans

The exact details have not been released but the rear box image details all the contents and it's not to difficult to identify the components. The Germans get an infantry company backed by tank destroyers and some anti-tank guns. One of the perks of Flames of War is the wide range of army lists, you can build almost anything with the contents of the box. You could go with the desperate rearguard of the  Sperrverband, bog-standard Wehrmacht grenadiers or something more esoteric.

We're going to go with one of the Fearless Veteran infantry lists to get the maximum benefit from each model. The "Nederland" SS Panzergrenadier division from Grey Wolf (pg.38) seems suitable, a Dutch volunteer formation fighting on the Eastern Front. Let's add up the points.

Infantry Platoon (3 Squads) = 220 points
Infantry Platoon (3 Squads) = 220 points
Gun Platoon (2 PaK40s) = 120 points
Tank Platoon (3 StuGs) =325 points

That's 885 points of Germans in a solid list. If the command teams come with panzerfausts, you'll get closer to 900 points. Considering that a tournament list comes in at 1750 points, a single starter set gets you over halfway. The infantry have a host of special rules to keep them moving under fire and the AT support will mangle all but heavy tanks. Against the heavies, you'll need to take your side armour shots.

 The Yanks
The Allies are an armoured company with infantry support from some paratroopers. This would be about 865 points in a standard American armoured list. But again, there are so many army lists that you can build from this. Let's go with the Irish Guards Armoured Squadron from Hell's Highway (p.16). It's the relief force from Operation Market Garden and the list is, in essence, British tanks backed by British/American infantry, all Confident Veterans.

Parachute Rifle Platoon (3 Squads) = 255 points
Tank Platoon (3 Shermans, 1 Firefly) = 375 points
Tank Platoon (3 Shermans, 1 Firefly) = 375 points

That's a grand total of 1005 points. Once swopped, you'll come in well over a full tournament list. The regular Shermans are not the world's best tank but they're cheap and numerous enough to menace infantry, light vehicles and most tanks. The Fireflies are a threat to all but the King Tigers of this world.

So there you have it, e60 and a friend (who can afford a similar outlay) gets you a full-size Flames of War army and all the little bits you need to play.

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