Army Showcase: Anto's Trollbloods

After all the doom and gloom relating to the release of 6th edition, we've decided to go with a human interest piece. It's a little tale of hope for us all. Imagine, if you will, a painter of average quality. Solid, reliable but not great. Let's call this hypothetical painter... Panto. He knuckles down, practices his craft and becomes very very good.

Now the big reveal. That's actually a true story. Although his real name, Anto, is slightly more skangerish. After years of fopping about with the Cryx, he took on a new challenge. He went with those Stone Age warriors, the soon to be extinct (yay!) Trollbloods. I've only got a tiny portion of the army here but it's large and pretty.
The first shot is of his Fell Caller Hero. I'm fond of this, as at a glance, it highlights all the effort put into this force. He's tried to make the blue flesh more lifelike, he's reflected the shoddy troll metallurgy in the weapons and equipment. Even the clan tartans look authentic.
This is the solo character, Janissa Stonetide with the ability to shape the earth around her. The column on the left of the model is entirely converted from greenstuff and looks suitably craggy. Check out that that chin, you could use it to break rocks.
Here we have a unit of Stone Scribes guarding a Krielstone Bearer. This is included largely to show the basing and quality stonework. The basing looks suitably moor-like while stonework of this quality is actually quite difficult to produce.
We take a closer look at one of the Stone scribes to see the care lavished on the small details from the ragged bandages to the scrolls at his waist.
Something a little higher up the food chain, Captain Gunnbjorn and his ludicrous cannon. In a faction without stubble, he's managed to grow... something... on his face to represent his incredible toughness.
Remember the careful stonework in an earlier shot, here's the likely cause of such expertise. It's a walking mountain. Mulg the Ancient is about four time as large as the Captain and full of little crevasses. Check out the teeth for some really refined work.

All in, all, it's very easy on the eye and can be seen in all its glory at Conspiracy 2012 (Towncon to our southern brethren) or in Gamer's Hub on any given Friday.

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