Army Showcase: Harry's Cygnar

Time for a refreshing change from our usual fare of wargaming-related accountancy. Despite the fact that I'm a god-fearing Menite, even I must admit that Harry's Army of Damned Heretics* looks pretty... pretty.

*Not their name for themselves.

He's veered wildly away from the canon colour scheme with a daring but effective orange and blue blend. There's a lot more to his force than the sample provided below so if you see it at a tournament, wander over for a closer look. You can even pick them up without asking. If you see something you like, just stick it in your bag, Harry doesn't mind.

Caine, the roguish war caster with multiple pistols. The casual observer will notice the graying temples from a life of sinful hedonism. Due to his erratic nature, few notice the severe psychosis brought on by late stage syphilis.
Nemo is something akin to the Professor from Back to the Future but slightly more effective and focused. What a pity that his soul is doomed to burn for all eternity.
Just so we're clear, this man is the only non-Aryan caster in all of Cygnar. That's because they're a racist, murderous, Nazi-esque country.
The Stormclad, one of the Cygnaran heavy jacks. Pretty, eh, look at the battle damage on that shield and the gorgeous banner. The distinctive beetle-back look of the faction's warjack can seen clearly in this shot.
The Defender heavy jack. Like all Cyngarans, he's a total poser. In this case, Harry has reposed the model to give the impression that it is in the process of firing its cannon or possibly bracing to fire downrange.
Stormblades, I'll let you in on a secret. They're rubbish. Their equipment is great but they lack the raw power of the righteous and just. In the middle of this shot, we see a brave trooper, sickened by the fecklessness of his comrades, preparing to strike down his officer from behind.
Captain Arlan Strangewayes. Look at his pipe. What a badass. He's definitely one of those rare Cygnaran Menites.
All of the Warmachine factions have access to mercenaries. Above we see Harlan Versh. Harry ensures that he blends with the rest of the force by using his core army colours on the hatband and waistcoat. This means that the model does not lose the non-uniform look of a mercenary model but still meshes well with the others.

We hope to bring you more eye-candy in the coming months.

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