Dominicon: Return of the Guard

Once again, the War Altar decides to brighten up your day with colour. Let's see what Dominicon tells us about the state of Irish 40K. For the sake of context, Dominicon was a 1750, ETC 2011 tournament. The attendees were largely Dublin-area gamers with a large Northern contingent. The list submission and painting scores have been stripped from the equation and we are dealing only with pure battle points.

Firstly, we have the percentage of players using each codex. The major change from Gaelcon is the re-emergence of the Imperial Guard. From nowhere, they return to claim a strong fifth of the field. We see further consolidation towards the better books as the top four codexes were used by 68% of the players. The Tyranids, Tau and former Necron codexes remain dead, dead, dead. Strangely, Black Templars appear to have vanished once more.

Now, we look at proportionate shares of the total battle points. Grey Knights, Dark Angels and Dark Eldar all perform well above par, roughly in line with the previous tournament. Eldar and Blood Angels continue to march firmly down the middle of the road. There are some surprising misfires and one that... isn't. The poor performance of the Space Marines is unsurprising and consistent with previous results. Not so elsewhere, we would expect Space Wolves and Imperial Guard to do better.

Based on average score, Dark Angels are the best codex ever. But only when played by Alec, the 40k Irish Master. Let's try to disregard that anomaly. The Dark Eldar narrowly pip Grey Knights as both armies perform very strongly. As previously stated, Space Wolves and Guard perform poorly. Anecdotally, there was a large proportion of less optimised lists from both armies, which may have skewed the figures. It should be noted that despite a poor showing, they remain well clear of the godforsaken Space Marines.

So, another tournament and the stats continue to support what we all really suspect. Oh, well.

From the current information, Assault on Arkham was largely Northern players and Moocon was largely Southern players. This is... interesting as the next set of charts might show some regional variations. More importantly, we should start seeing the impact of the new Necrons and identify the impact of the move from 1750 to 1000 points.

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