Gaelcon = Greycon?

The Gaelcon Accounts
So Gaelcon has come and gone with massive increases in the number of Grey Knight players and natural disasters striking in its immediate vicinity. Probably unrelated. Probably. We had considered a brief overview of the tournament early in the week but decided that playing outside and getting some fresh air would be a better use of our time. How wrong we were.

But now with a debate raging as to the accuracy of the "Greycon" moniker, we decided to be helpful and provide some stats. As stats are inherently boring and just awful, the War Altar has tried to jazz things up with bright colours, graphs and such things.

Much as I hate to enable the claims of band-wagoning by elements of the community, it seems to be a real phenomenon. The unholy trio of Grey Knights, Space Wolves and Dark Eldar claim nearly 50% of the player base.

To the slim majority who refuse to bow to their tyranny and all-round cost-effectiveness, I recommend breaking out all your strength 8, multi-shot weapons immediately. If you can't kill four AV 11 vehicles a turn, it's time to go home.

If anyone can find any little, lost, Imperial Guard players, please direct them towards the closest wargaming tournament. Only they can end this scourge.

The sheer number of Grey Knight would guarantee a fair portion of game points but they claim far more than their share. Only two other codexes can share that boast, Space Wolves and Eldar also running ahead of the curve.

There's a chasing pack of armies that can still hold their own. These being the Dark Angels, Dark Eldar, Blood Angels and Black Templars. And then there are the prey lists, amongst them Orcs, Chaos, Space Marines, Tau and Tyranids.

And by this point, if you're not considering band-wagoning, I must recommend you look into it. Again, there is a clear winner, the Grey Knights claiming the highest proportionate share of victory points, followed by the Space Wolves and Dark Eldar.

The Blood Angels, Templars and Eldar claim their fair share but no more. And where you have winners, there must be losers. In no particular order, Dark Angels, Orcs, Chaos, Space Marines, Tau and Tyranids trail behind.

And there we have the average score for each army, which speaks for itself. For the sake of intellectual honesty, I should point out that (entirely subjectively) it appears that the best players are the quickest to adopt the strongest codexes. This tends to amplify the dominance of particular builds, which see their organic advantages magnified by player skill.

But there's no denying its strength in the current meta. So if you want to win or, at the very least, improve on your position, you might want to consider going Grey Knight. And pray that the Necron codex doesn't screw you.

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