ETC Team Report: Rounds 5/6

The last two rounds shall now be detailed and the series concluded. Huzzah.

What? Ireland win the roll-off? Victory shall be ours. Or not.
They bid Space Wolves and our Dark Eldar are sent out. The attacker loses 5-15.
The Eldar are chosen as the first defender and the Swiss choose their Blood Angels. The Irish list is smashed 0-20.
The Swiss send their Imperial Guard into the fray and our Tyranids move in. The attacker wins 18-2.
The Irish Grey Knights are bid and met by Chaos. 7-13 defeat.
They throw out their Eldar and our attacker is Space Wolves. The Swiss defender wins 8-12.
Our Chaos list is the last defender and is jumped by Dark Eldar. Wiped out for 0-20.
Their Tyranids face off against our Orks in a horde match. 7-13 defeat for the greenies.
The champions are the Swiss Orks and Irish Blood Angels. A straight 10-10 draw.

Round Overview
Again, the Irish are outplayed. Just as with the Swedes, only one attacking list manages to buck the trend of defeats. The attacking match-ups are solid but the Swiss prove the better players. The Irish defenders face an up-hill struggle but have perhaps pushed their luck too far. Overall, the defending lists buckle heavily, suffering two full massacres.

The first two results reflect the fact that two Austrian players had run for home, to the severe annoyance of the judges. The pairing system was conducted as normal with 20-0 being given after the process finished. The first two match-ups turned out to be the missing players. This left our Orks and Grey Knights without opponents.

The first actual match sees the Austrians bid Imperial Guard and the Irish attacking with Tyranids for a 15-5 victory.
Our Chaos defender saw off their Space Wolves for a strong 14-6 win.
Their Orks were jumped by our Eldar and a 10-10 draw left honours even.
We bid Space Wolves and they sent in the Chaos, a great 15-5 win for the Irish defender.
Their Grey Knights were attacked by our Dark Eldar, who went down 6-14.
The Champion's round went heavily against our Blood Angels as their Blood Angels worked their way to a 3-17 consolation for the Austrians.

Round Overview
Entering their game with a massive lead, the Irish team racks up some comfortable wins and put any chance of a comeback beyond their opponents. Without that massive lead, it would likely have been a narrow victory but shading dangerously close to a third draw.

The End... thankfully.

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