ETC Team Report: Rounds 3/4

So, we move on to the middle section of the ETC, rounds 3 and 4. We face the Swedes in the last round of Day 1. Sweden winning the roll-off.

We bid our Chaos list and they counter it with Eldar. Our defender is utterly wiped out, 0-20.
They send out their Space Marines and our Dark Eldar respond with a kicking, 18-2 to Ireland.
Our Eldar are bid second and they choose to attack with Dark Eldar. The defending list suffers a solid defeat, going down 5-15.
They bid their Grey Knight list and we choose our Blood Angels, the attacker crashing to a 1-19 defeat.
We present our Orks and they mirror it with their own Orks. It goes badly, 4-16 to the Swedes.
The next Swedish defender is the Imperial Guard and Ireland sends in the Tyranids, the attacker fails, scoring 6-14.
Next is the reverse of an earlier match-up with the Irish Grey Knights facing off against the Swedish Blood Angels. It does not go as well and the Irish lose 1-19.
The champions round sees a second mirror match with Space Wolves featuring on both sides. The Irish list suffer a 3-17 defeat to cap a disastrous round.

Round Overview
One Irish win makes up nearly half of our score as player after player collapsed in the face of those damned Viking raiders. Really, they demonstrated their superior skills, winning regardless of bid position. A round to forget for almost all concerned. By and large, the attackers and defenders fail equally with margins of defeat ranging from solid to utter.

As is traditional, our glorious captain loses the roll-off. Frankly, he should have practiced a little harder in that area. Recognising his failing, he falls on his sword.

We bid Grey Knights and they reply with Tyranids, the game ends in a 10-10 draw.
They bid Grey Knights and our Space Wolves pounce for a 13-7 win.
We volunteer our Chaos to be met by Witch-hunters, the defender scores a solid 13-7 win.
They throw their Space Wolves to the ... wolves and our Dark Eldar step up ... and promptly flip upside down and catch fire. 1-19 to the Danes.
We choose Orks as our defender and they are targeted by Chaos, they grind out a 8-12 defeat.
The sixth round sees the Irish Blood Angels attacking the Danish Blood Angels. Honours even due to a 10-10 pub draw.
The Irish Tyranids are assigned to the Danish Orks and scratch out a 12-8 victory.
The Champions round sees our Eldar score a convincing 16-4 win over the enemy Imperial Guard.

Round Overview
The Irish finish three points short of an outright win, leaving every player wondering if they could have snatched a few extra points in their own games. The teams were closely matched in ability, with the Irish running slightly ahead. Barring the anomaly of the fourth match-up, games were close and points rather hard-won. It comes as no surprise that the final standings saw both teams finish side by side.

Entirely subjectively, I believe the differing results in both rounds give a fair idea of the standard of the Irish player. Slightly ahead of the Danes but falling well short of the Swedes.

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