ETC Week! Penalties and Orks

Hey all! Well it's finally here; ETC 2011!

For those of you unaware the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will be sending four teams this year to the European Team Championships, two teams for Warhammer Fantasy Battles and two for Warhammer 40,000.

While Northern Ireland has competed for a few years now in the massive event (hailed as a step towards a World Cup by some) this is the Republic's second year only attending. 2010 was the Republic's first year and also our first year attending the "Home Nations" event (in which Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and the Barbarians were the other teams attending) at which we took first place, unfortunately the ETC proper proved a harder beast to subdue and is by far the greatest test of 40k players in Ireland (that I know of!).

There was also some shock news this week for the team when we found out we were being docked 20 points (a full game for those unaware of the scoring system) for our submission of an incorrect list. It's a shame but a lesson learned for us all and we'll just have to get on with the show, which is exactly what I've been doing.

At the Captain's request I've been playing set lists and set missions and deployments to get used to what our Finnish opponents may throw at us. First up David McHugh's Orks. David did me a favour by bringing down his Kan Wall to Warheads' Thursday Night Gaming in Gamer's World Dublin.

The list was typical Kan Wall (Mek, KFF, Mek, KFF, tonnes of boys, couple of medium loota squads and Snikrot), while Snikrot is not ETC legal he does add an element of thinking to my backfield game so his inclusion was a welcome one for practice. Jiggy knew his stuff even though he's a relatively new player and I see good things on the horizon for him if he can make enough tournaments! He only started playing 40k properly this year after a year as Wargames Coordinator for DCU so while he wasn't the veteran opposition my captain might've hoped I'd pick he was certainly creative and (more importantly) I'm able to tell my captain what points he can expect me to claw away from a list like it.

All in all a great game but I couldn't help thinking the Ork list was 100 points under ;-)

Next up:
Team Northern Ireland's Black Templars....

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