Youngbloods: Pearce 'Red Thirst' Condren

Hey all,

Joey here with a new mini series looking at some of the up and coming faces on the Irish scene. I'll start off with a good friend of mine and Dublin Games Guild player Pearce Condren. Currently sitting in a comfortable 21st position on the Irish Rankings, this die hard Blood Angels player has been gaining noteriety over the past year as a young player who's willing to practice hard and try new lists to get to the top of the pile.

His tournament performances over the past year reflect well his time learning the fine trade of competitive play and have resulted in a player not intimidated by tournament games but eagre to play after each one. A spread of mid table results at Dominicon, Warpcon, Retcon and Gaelcon show a player who is comfortable with his rules knowledge and I have little doubt that his first tournament win is on the way in the coming season or two.

His thoughts on Blood Angels, particularly culminating in the list he'll be using this coming season, are well documented. While not set in stone his list ideas tend to revolve around few, if survivable scoring units and hard hitting assault units with fragile delivery systems:

Lists like this show me a player who's not afraid to think for himself and add units in that feel right rather than those that look right on paper. While it's certainly not my kind of list, in the hands of the right player it has the potential to do damage and enough redundancy to ensure that close games stay close.

Having the ability to play against quality opponents such as John Stowe (Northern Ireland Vice Captain 2011), Paul Quigley (Republic of Ireland Vice Captain 2011), Mike Tangney, Philip Johnston every Wednesday night in Dublin has gone lengths to greatly improving young Pearce's game.

Let's hope his Leaving Cert this year doesn't hinder him from getting to the top and then having to make the tough decision of going to Poland in 2012 with Team Northern Ireland or Team Republic of Ireland.

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