Q-Con - Part 2

James Jennings, good friend and sexy beast, had some graffiti on his score card from his "fans".

So third opponent was Blood Angels, weird list and my opponent was from Clonmel, apparently quite a few gamers down that way came up which was great to see.

I threw them the address for w-ired and gave them the spiel about events closer to home they might want to venture to as well. This is when the dice normalized back to "statistically likely" and my Lascannons weren't set to stun anymore, a win by 1 kill point saw me get my first proper points but it was an impossible uphill battle to get to the top 10 from here.

Jonny and Dale make a great team and I've yet to see things go anything but smoothly for them at tournaments. The work they put in (and the rest of the gamers in the North including the Beasts of War who had Live Coverage over both days of QCon) is amazing and are involved in most aspects of the wargaming scene in the North. The fact that they're so well loved (mostly by me) is a real testament to their hard work up there.

Opponent #4. Another army I'm familiar with, Deathwing! Belial and Co. were joined by a Raider and a couple of Tactical Squads. One objective each and Dawn of War meant I sat 20 boys on the top floor of a building on an objective and then just gave them a 2+ cover save every round using orders.
A straight up win with my contesting his objective with a Vendetta and holding my own. Between rounds I even had time to get Alec Cornelius' autograph on my Imperial Guard Codex. Alec is my hero.
I had a sense of familiarity about my last opponent of the tournament....oh yeah, the Obliterator that WOULDN'T DIE from Game 2 on the first day.

This time I told him if I saw one 5 I'd break his legs and whaddya know, not one 5.

17-3 victory to me, I was going second, 5 objectives quarters. The deep striking storm troopers doing some business but the Vendettas and Hydras showing what they're capable of when the dice aren't insanely frustrating. Maybe I should've eaten this:

which I found in the local petrol station near Queen's...

James Jennings and his opponent compare sizes...

The Bunny Killer Alec Cornelius picked up 2nd place and the Warheads came first overall out of the clubs. Jan Karnowski came first with his Kan Wall Orks. Jan was unstoppable (except at pool, right Jan? ;) ) and even beat his bane list, Dark Eldar venom spam commanded by fellow Team Northern Ireland player Rowan Sheridan. I ended up in 14th, can't complain after that first day I suppose!

Great weekend and I'll be back in Belfast soon to visit all the friends we made, on top of going to Coleraine to hopefully do something with the Beasts of War, going to Ballymena for Dominion Day and visiting James Jennings and his lovely fiancee for a weekend of gaming and such.

Thanks QCon, long may it go on!!


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