The 40k Ranking Vote

Hey all,

as many of you are aware there is a pretty important vote currently on how Ranking events should be ranked, i.e. what criteria should they match.

Jonny Fisher in another thread summed up his views on why the voting has become so geographical between the three proposals and I think this view represents a view possibly held by more than just Mr. Fisher in the 40k scene here in Ireland:

People might also notice that the voting is pretty much following lines of geography, with players from Dublin and further north voting for Bristolscale7, and players from the south and west voting for Floody. Why might this be?
Well here's my theory:
The tournaments in NI and Dublin, are generally cheaper and better organised than those in the south and west, which get higher attendances. Go to any event and you'll find a bunch of Dubs and Nordies, as for the Cork, Galway and Limerick crowd, not so much.
Currently you're pretty much forced to go to the big events if you want to do well in the rankings. I think that players in the south and west are worried that if Bristolscale7's proposal wins, that the greater number of fully ranked events will have a detrimental effect on attendances at their own events. If players had a greater choice in which fully pointed events to attend, there's a risk that they might choose to go to the better organised ones, and not just the ones that have been traditionally bigger.

So vote for Bristolscale7 and a level playing field (with adequate terrain of course)!
- Jonny Fisher

To see this view in context and the subsequent rebuttles from those with differing views see the original thread here.

Astute readers may notice the strange title to this thread:



named so because of what Padraic O'Confhaola claims is misleading canvassing on behalf of one of the proposals creators, Richard Flood of the Warheads and ETC Warhammer 40,000 Captain 2011 for Ireland.

It should be noted that this is a time of change for the 40k ranking scene (still relatively young in Ireland) so while it may look like all parties disagree, most agree on the broader points of each proposed ranking system and differ only slightly in their views of ranking events.

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