High Altitude, Low Opening - The Lesser Spotted Deep Striking Storm Trooper

Evenin' folks, Joey here with another Lesser Spotted, this time on the Imperial Guard Storm Trooper.

I won't be covering all aspects of the Storm Trooper just the suicide role they can play in a Guard force equivalent to Termicide squads in Chaos Space Marine armies.

To compare, 105 points in the Chaos Codex gets you access to three melta shots on your deepstrike (and of course access to those coveted, out of heavy support, Land Raiders), while for the same points you get 5 deep striking Storm Troopers with two melta shots....

"But Joey, Joey, Joey! That's worse?!"

True dat, except the Stormies can reroll their deep strike... combine that with the fact that if you don't want them to deep strike (a la Warp Quaking Grey Knights) then they have other options unlike the rather one dimensional Chaos Terminators.

There are a few other things, in an army like my Guard army (tripple Vendetta, some Executioner fun times and vets up the wazzoo) these guys fit in quite nicely. How? Well my army predominantly features a lot of S9, S7 shots so nothing that really reliably ruins Land Raiders (except suiciding meltavets but they're supposed to be my scoring ace in the pack!).

Helped by an Astropath (as long as the Astropath doesn't mind of course) they'll be showing up on a 3+ on T2 to accurately melta the oppositions big tanks. They occupy an Elites choice so their only competition are Psyker Battle Squads, which, although excellent, can be points better spent imo.*

Different Loadouts

Well there are a few going round my head, I would never venture more than 7 strong per squad though, for Leadership reasons (they'll need to kill 3 to force morale) and deep striking footprint reasons as I'm sure Peter over on WarHamSandwich would have something to say about soon enough!

Anti Long Fangs
A couple of these squads would quickly diminish your enemy's Long Fang presence on the field I think, statistically you kill two with each squad, not great I'm sure you'll agree but if long fangs aren't present on the field and you have some marines in the open (or termies) these guys will mince them with their AP3 lasgun shots and AP2 Plasma shots:

Storm Trooper Squad (5)
2 Plasma Guns
Plasma Pistol
125 points

And if these guys catch some guys in the open, 4 dead marines/3 dead termies/2 penentrating hits on AV10. Certainly not something to write home about.

Anti Tank

Straight forward, blow some tanks up squad.

Storm Trooper Squad (5)
2 Meltaguns
Plasma Pistol
115 points

That pistol has a 1 in 12 chance of leaving a Sergeant-shaped-stain on the unit but has an 11% chance of destroying an AV10 vehicle, worth it for ten points in my opinion.

As for Meltaguns, if you're not sure what they do here's a brief primer:

But seriously...he was really quite aggressive. 2 BS4 meltashots that are very likely to be within 6" of the opponent's armour, that's some sweet sweet stuff since statiscally you're very likely to get an AP1 penetrating hit and unlike combi meltas these bad boys don't run out so the enemy has to deal with them post haste.

While they're certainly not a fantastic unit, they're the kind of unit that gives a creative player options he/she might not otherwise have in a force like this.

Well that's all for this round!!


*If you're against Thunderwolves or Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Terminators a lot obviously Psyker Battle Squads are the way to go!

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